As Karkow’s leading pharmaceutical company, we have our part to play in the cultural and social life of our home city and country.

We support local musical events – the Barbican Music Festival, Summer on the Bagry Lake – fund art festivals for students in the city – the Małopolska  Youth Art Festival – and bring tradition to its streets come Christmas time with our hugely popular real-life nativity scene – camels and all –  at Krakow’s Franciscan Monastery.

Beyond Krakow, we  have funded a national poetry contest for those with disabilities (Słowa, dobrze, że jesteście)  and assist Sister Józefina Grabowska in running a medical clinic in Cameroon (Garoua Boulai), where there’s a pharmacy, laboratory and maternity ward.

And of course, as specialists in the treatment of psoriasis, we continually support organisations – Psoriasis, the Psoriasis Patients Association and the foundation Yes, I have psoriasis – that are often the first point of call for patients suffering from the condition.